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Location and Course Info

The SoCal Wine Country Women’s Half Marathon and Post-Race Celebration will be taking place at the Vail Lake Resort in Temecula, CA. For directions to the race start from your door, please follow these instructions using the below map:

  1. Click the “B” marker on the map.
  2. Click “Get Directions.”
  3. When you are taken to a new page, enter the address of your home (or where ever you will be leaving from on race morning) in the text box labeled “A”.
  4. Click the blue “Get Directions” button.
  5. Hop in the car and get ready to run!

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Directions to Event:

From San Diego:
Take Interstate 5 N to Interstate 8 E and take Interstate 15 N for about 40 miles. Take the Highway 79 S / Temecula Pkwy. Make a right, and head East for 9 miles. Our entrance is on the left.
From Los Angeles:
Take Interstate 10, 60, or 91 East to the Interstate 15 S. Drive South until you get to Temecula. The last exit before leaving Temecula is Highway 79 S / TEMECULA PKWY towards INDIO. Take this exit to the left, and head East for 9 miles. You will find us on the left.

NOTE: The Vail Lake Resort charges a $10 per vehicle entrance fee. Carpool if possible to reduce your cost, save space in the park, and reduce your carbon footprint!

Aid Stations

It will be hot on race day so carrying some type of hydration with you is a must! A minimum of a 20 ounce hand bottle is recommended but a belt or hydration pack might be preferred depending on what you are comfortable with. You’ve worked hard to train for this race, don’t risk dehydration on race day by not carrying something with you!

Half Marathon
There will be 5 full aid stations on the course for the half marathon as well as a “water only” station that you will pass twice. All aid stations will be stocked with water and Fluid Performance drink. Island Boost Energy supplement will be available at miles 6.2 and 10.5.

Approximate Aid Station Locations:
Mile 2.2
Mile 5
Mile 6.2
Mile 7.1
Mile 8.6 – Water Only
Mile 10.5
Mile 12.4 – Water Only

There will be a water-only station along the 5K course that you will pass twice on your out and back route. The location will be approximately Mile .7 and Mile 2.4. It is strongly recommended that you carry some hydration with you for your 5K.

If you haven’t tried these products, be sure to test them out before the event. Remember, nothing new on race day! If you want to try these products, the sponsors were generous enough to offer discounts when you order through their websites.


Half Marathon Course Description and Maps

The course begins with approximately .5 miles of paved road before entering a mix of double track and single track trails. Once you arrive on the trails you will follow them past the pool area until you reach the primary trail system.

Here you turn left and will start a gradual climb. The next 1.5 miles will be rolling terrain including a short but steep downhill. Be sure to use caution on this section, it is steep and rocky. You will have a nice descent that will take you to a loop around the paintball park. Targeting your fellow race participants is not encouraged!

After the paintball course loop, you will head to the one significant and sustained climb on the course . Just remember, what goes up, must come down. The climb will be on some very nice single track trail and will be followed by a fast, fire road descent to loosen the legs back up. It will be a challenging section but very well worth it!

After the descent you will turn right to stay on the fire road and follow it to two (2) quick lefts. Here you will veer right off the double track and make a short quick climb to rolling single track. This will end with another steep downhill (USE CAUTION) that will return you to double track trail where you will take a sharp left and begin heading back towards the trails you ran earlier.

You will bypass the long climb section of the course and head back to the loop around the paintball course. You will then continue on the trails you ran earlier which means this time you’ll have to climb that short, steep hill you were cautious going down earlier. This will be a tough little hill and remember, there is no expectation to run the entire course in a trail race; power walking or hiking some sections are highly recommended!

OK, so you climbed that bugger and you’re feeling pretty beat but most of the hard work is done. From here you return long the double track trails and head in to the out and back section along the lake. This will consist of rolling hills, beautiful views of the lake, and a 1/4 mile steep climb to the turn around. After the return trip you will make a hard right that will take you to a flat section and will lead you back past the pool area.

At the end of the trail you will be back on the pavement as you run flat through the campground. From here it’s a gradual paved climb to the finish line and all the glory!

Half Marathon Course Map & Elevation

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5K Course Information

The 5K course will be an out and back that follows the beginning of the half marathon. Like the half marathon, the 5K course begins with approximately .5 miles of paved road. Once you arrive on the trails you will follow them past the pool area until you reach the primary trail system. Here you will take a right and start a rolling out-and-back section that will take you along Vail Lake on a wide fire road. Stay alert for the “5K Turn Around” sign that will be located at the half way point. From here, you will return along the same route that you have already run.


**Course is subject to change based on the discretion of Vail Lake Resort  or the Race Director.