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2015 Final Race Information

This information is very important to you having an enjoyable and successful day on Saturday. Please take a few moments to read through this carefully and in it’s entirety. It is your responsibility as a participant of this event to arrive fully prepared, physically and mentally, to make the most out of your day!

How Do I Get There?
The Vail Lake Resort is located off of Hwy 79 in Temecula. Be careful using GPS guided directions; some systems do not take you to the right location. Here are directions from San Diego and Los Angeles.


From San Diego:
Take Interstate 5 N to Interstate 8 E and take Interstate 15 N for about 40 miles. Take the Highway 79 S /Temecula Pkwy. Make a right, and head East for 9 miles. Our entrance is on the left.

From Los Angeles:
Take Interstate 10, 60, or 91 East to the Interstate 15 S. Drive South until you get to Temecula. The last exit before leaving Temecula is Highway 79 S / TEMECULA PKWY towards INDIO. Take this exit to the left, and head East for 9 miles. You will find us on the left.

Where Do I Park?
Upon arrival at the Vail Lake Resort, you will enter through a manned gate, here you will pay the resort required $10 parking fee. Carpool if possible! It’ll save you some money and it’s better for the environment and our trails.

After passing the guard gate there will be a large parking area on the left.

What Do I Do When I Get There?
Once you park, head up the driveway to the start/finish area. If you have not already picked up your bib, go directly to the BIB table. Have your photo ID ready for volunteers

Race morning bib pickup is during the following times:

Half Marathon: 6AM – 6:45AM
5K: 7:00AM – 7:45AM 

If you are running the 5K, please wait until 7:00AM to pick up your bib to allow all of the half marathon participants to get through the line.

Once you have your bib, you can head to the SHIRT table to pick up your race shirt. Have your bib number ready to show the volunteers.

The parking lot is very close to the race staging area so arrive early and you will have no problem getting back and forth to your car.

When Does the Race Start?
Race start is scheduled for the following:
Half Marathon Race Start: 7AM
5K Race Start: 8 AM
I do my best to start events right on time so please do you best to get there early so that all of your race morning preparation is taken care of in time.

What Should I Expect on the Course?
The course markings are a combination of large signs at major points, red arrows, pink ribbons, and flour. The signs, red arrows and pink ribbons will be used to direct you along the course. If you follow these markings you will be just fine. The flour will be used to mark INCORRECT trails. This will be done with three lines going across the entrance to the trail. If you see flour lines on the ground, DO NOT CROSS!

A volunteer will not be stationed at the turnaround for 5K Runners. There will be a large sign on the trail directing all 5K runners to turn around and all half-marathon runners to continue on past this point. Be sure to pay attention for the sign!

Aid Stations will be located at approximately the following mileages and will have the following fuel for you:

Half Marathon

Mile 2.2 – Water, CarboPro Hydra C5
Mile 5 – Water, CarboPro Hydra C5
Mile 6.2 – Water, CarboPro Hydra C5, Energy Gels
Mile 7.1 – Water, CarboPro Hydra C5
Mile 8.6 – Water Only
Mile 10.5 – Water, CarboPro Hydra C5, Energy Gels
Mile 12.4 – Water Only

Mile .7 – Water Only
Mile 2.4 – Water Only

As a reminder, this course is VERY exposed and can get VERY hot! All half-marathon participants should be carrying a hand bottle, hydration belt, or hydration pack. This will ensure your safety and enjoyment of the event!

Leave the Trails Better than When You Arrived
Trails are one of my favorite places to spend my time and there is nothing more disheartening than seeing garbage all over a beautiful trail! Please do your part and only dispose of gel packets, cups, etc. at the aid stations. This is not a road race that is easy to sweep along the course. Anyone caught littering on the course will be automatically disqualified from this and future Off Road Pursuits events.

Trail races are different from road races. If this is your first trail race there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. The course will be well marked but you MUST pay attention. If you pay close attention to the markers you will not get lost. The course will be marked with flour, ribbons, and signs. All of these course markings will be close to the ground. Stay alert and look down frequently for these markers, and to avoid tripping on rocks, holes, etc.
  2. Trail distances are NOT road distances, so if you wear a GPS you may not finish at exactly 13.1 or 3.1 miles. There are many reasons for this: the line you take along the trail and GPS companies calculating distance differently are two. However, the primary reason trail distances are not the same as road distances is we like challenges! There’s a very good chance your race distance will be longer than 13.1 or 3.1 miles. Don’t worry and enjoy the bonus steps.
  3. Aid stations are not every 1-2 miles. Be prepared!!
  4. There are bathrooms located at the start/finish area. There are only 2 port-o-potties located on the course. Do not be surprised if there is a line! Take care of business before you get started.

What will be Happening After I Finish?
After you cross that finish line, there will be plenty of things for you to hang around for. We’ll have water, oranges and bananas waiting for you at the finish line.

Once you’ve grabbed a small bite to eat and you’re rehydrated don’t leave the finish line area without your commemorative wine glass and for all you half marathon finishers, your awesome medal!

Now, head in to the courtyard between the buildings grab a chair and relax. There will be wine served in the bar and the food will be ready beginning at 10AM. If you think you might get hungry before this, bring a small snack. There is also a cash bar if you want something besides wine.

Food will be served up by the amazing SORREL Restaurant/Bistro of Temecula and be available for purchase for all participants and spectators.

Be sure to hang out for the awards ceremony and enjoy the various booths set up by our sponsors!

What Should I Be Focused On?
There’s only one thing you should have to think about on race day, and that’s having fun! Pay close attention to everything outlined above and it will help Saturday go much more smoothly for you and allow you to just come out, meet some fellow amazing trail running women, and have a great time!

I can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!

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